My name is Tenn Hill Biscott, the founder and official Mascot of Smoky Mountain Biscuits. I've only mastered two crafts in this life, making biscuits and... well, we won't talk about that other seein as it was outlawed in the 20's. Ruined a dang good career for me too. Well, anyway about those biscuits...

At Smoky Mountain Biscuits we believe in great food, southern traditions, and smiling customers. That’s why we take our time when making our gravy from scratch every morning. Because we know that Patience and Pride are fundamental in any good southern recipe.

Smiling customers as far as the eye can see, clear over the mountain, and way on over the mountain, are all the quality assurance this ole hillbilly needs. So come on down to Smoky Mountain Biscuits, where Patience and Pride are the only ingredients we’ll tell you about, and smiling customers gather to taste a true southern tradition.